26 Best Baby Sleep Products


When it comes to baby sleep products, there’s a lot of options out there. Doing the research on what you need and what you don’t can be almost as exhausting as caring for your baby! 


At Rockin’BLINKS, we’re here to help you cut through the clutter with a definitive list of all the products that will support you and your baby get the healthy sleep you need.


To help you start your sleep journey on a positive note, we’ve rounded up the best baby sleep products, with options for every budget, so you can bring restful sleep to your home.



Why You’ll Want It: Having a bassinet by your bed is the safest way for you and baby to be close during sleeping hours. The AAP recommends keeping your baby in your room, on their own sleeping surface — not in your bed — for the first year.


Our Picks:
Budget: Dream on Me Portable Bassinet // $65.99




Investment: 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet // $374.99


Crib with Optional Conversion Set

Why You’ll Want It: While you may not be thinking past those first few months right now, your tiny baby will be transitioning into a toddler bed in no time. Choose a crib that will stand the test of time like a 3-in-1 crib that can transition into a toddler bed.


Our Picks:
Budget: Delta Children Heartland Crib // $149.99


Investment: Babyletto 3 in 1 Crib // $499





Firm Crib Mattresses

Why You’ll Want It: When choosing your child’s crib mattress, you want to make sure it is quite firm — more firm than you would want for an adult mattress. Don’t go hand-me-down on this necessity; safety is paramount so look for a certified sleep product.

Our Picks:
Budget: Dream On Me Crib Mattress // $50.52



Investment: Naturepedic Breathable Organic Crib Mattress // $379


Naturpedic Mattress

SHOP Naturpedic Mattress



Crib Mattress Protectors

Why You’ll Want It: Investing in a crib mattress protector will help with longevity of your mattress because, as we know, babies are always leaking something. A mattress protector is also a nice way to make the crib a little cozier for your baby without adding unsafe blankets or cushions.


Our Picks:
Budget: Bamboo Protector Pad // $19.99



Investment: Wool, Washable Mattress Protector // $76.50






Crib Sheets

Why You’ll Want It: A tight-fitting sheet that secures to your crib mattress is a must; so make sure you find the right fit if you have a custom size crib. There’s endless choices when it comes to fashion and fabric, but we prefer something soft and breathable for a good night’s sleep.


Our Picks:

Budget: Jersey Organic Cotton Crib Sheet // $26.95




Investment: Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets  // $36.99





Swaddle Blankets

Why You Want It: For the first 8 weeks (or until they start to roll), your baby will enjoy being swaddled tightly during sleep. This helps them feel secure and safe and mimics the warm snuggly feeling of being in the womb.

Our Picks:

Budget: Muslin Swaddle 4-pack // $22.99


Investment: Organic Muslin 3-pack // $34.90






Sleep Sacks

Why You’ll Want It: Transition your baby from a swaddle to a sleep sack when they show signs of rolling. Blankets in the crib are a no-no when it comes to baby safety, since they increase the risk of suffocation. Sleep sacks, which are basically wearable blankets with arm holes, are a great substitute and not just in the colder months; many babies identify their sleep sack as a signal that it’s time to go to sleep..

Our Picks:
Budget: Muslin Sleep Sack // $16.72




Investment: Woolino 4-Season Sleep Sack // $99.99







Why You’ll Want It: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using a pacifier as a SIDS preventative, because it keeps your child’s airway open. While there’s no such thing as “bad habits” during those first few newborn months, you may want to pull the pacifier if you find your baby is associating it with sleep (and waking you constantly to find it).


Our Picks:
Budget: Avent Soothie Pacifier 2-pack // $3.69



Investment: FRIGG Silicone Baby Pacifier // $14.99







Why You’ll Want It: To help keep your baby in the “sleep zone” while facilitating overnight feeds or diaper changes, we recommend using a dim nightlight, in a red or orange hue. Stay away from blue or white light which is more disruptive to sleep.


Our Picks:
Budget: JollyWell Night Light // $21.99



Investment: Hatch Restore // $89.00





Video Baby Monitor

Why You’ll Want It: Functions on baby monitors run the gamut from those that simply show a digital image to more intricate versions that promise to monitor your baby’s breathing. You can go either way, but we do suggest a video monitor for safety and peace of mind.


Our Picks:

Budget: Motorola Digital Video Monitor // $36.50




Investment: The Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor // $379.99



Overnight Diapers

Why You’ll Want It: Think overnight diapers are a marketing gimmick? Just wait. These more absorbent versions will help you avoid unnecessary overnight diaper changes, which can be disruptive to you and your baby’s sleep.


Our Picks:
Budget: Luvs Triple Leakguard // $27.49 per 168



Investment: Honest Overnight Diapers // $25.99 per 60 




White Noise Machine


Why You’ll Want It: Keeping your baby’s sleep space free from distracting sounds is key in helping them stay asleep for longer stretches of time. A white noise machine is a must when setting up a nursery or packing sleep gear for travel.


Our Picks:
Budget: Dreamegg D3 Sound Machine // $29.99



Investment: DreamEgg D1 Pro Sound Machine // $39.99






Baby Carrier or Wrap

Why You’ll Want It: Baby carriers or wraps are useful for naps, especially during those early months when there is no real risk of bad sleep habits. Plus it gives you some hands free time, so you can get more done during the day and actually sleep at night.


Our Picks:
Budget: Boba Baby Wrap Carrier // $39.95



Investment: Ergobaby Omni 360 // $179.99




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