Biblioteca del Sueño: 

Todo lo que necesitas saber

4 a 6 meses 


4  a 6 meses

12 a 16 horas diarias de sueño en total,

incluyendo de 3 a 4 siestas.

 Nuestros expetertos en sueño recomiendan entre 3 y 5 horas de sueño durante el día y entre 9 y 12 horas durante la noche.

A los 4 meses de edad, el ritmo circadiano del bebé se encuentra en pleno desarrollo, ayudándolo a organizar sus horas de sueño diurnas y nocturnas. A medida que nuestro bebé sea capaz de prolongar sus horas de sueño, es muy probable que atraviese la famosa regresión del sueño de los 4 meses. Se trata de una situación transitoria, a no desesperar. Establecer hábitos de sueño saludables como, por ejemplo, procurar que duerma temprano, ayudará a que nuestro bebé recupere su ritmo habitual.

Guía del Sueño del Bebé de 4 Meses
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We are here to Help

At Rockin’ Blinks our certified sleep consultants will help you: 

  • Understand your baby’s sleep
  • Learn how to reduce the risk of SIDS
  • Find the best sleep schedule for your baby.
  • Establish healthy sleep habits.
  • Hold your hand while you work together improving your baby’s sleep.
Lola Sánchez Liste is the CEO and founder of Rockin’Blinks. With a certification as a Children Sleep Coach by the Family Sleep Institute, Lola works directly with families to help them evaluate each child’s unique sleep situation, create sleep plans, and support and guide them towards better sleep.

Lola was born in Argentina, also lived in Spain and Honduras and has been based in New York for the past 7 years. She has witness how culture influences sleep habits and understands how each family is made of unique personalities, circumstances and stories.

Sarah Christian is an Infant and Pediatric sleep consultant who loves helping families get the rest they need. In addition to her certification from the Family Sleep Institute, Sarah has an insatiable appetite for reading sleep research, fueled by a master’s degree in library science and twenty years of work in the Penn State University Libraries. Her own four children keep it real, and along with her husband Dean are the joys of her life.

Sleep Practice Once Upon a Bedtime

Follow the SAFE SLEEP recommendations of the the
American Academy of Pediatrics to protect against SIDS.

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S 36-38 91-96
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