We are obsessed with sleep because we know what it feels like to be up all night and how much better our families run when everyone is well-rested. We want that for you too.

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Your sleep journey is unique just like you

Here at Rockin’ Blinks, we believe that safe and healthy sleep is essential for a well-balanced life.
Rockin’ Blinks is dedicated to providing valuable sleep information to help your family get the healthy sleep it needs

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Safe, premium sleepwear for your family

Why include sleep information with our sleepwear collection? We know firsthand how hard it can be to understand how sleep needs change as our children grow.

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Are you looking for one on one support to help you with your baby or young child’s sleep?

The boys have been doing great. They are champs at nap time. Thank you again for all your help!! You have been such a blessing to our family.

S mom of twins

We’ve been sleep deprived for 4 years. We thought it was too late to make any changes in our son’s sleep. Lola taught us the foundation of sleep biology so we could understand how sleep works at our son’s age. She also guided us to transition to healthier sleep habits, by allowing our son to sleep in his own bed and stop waking up multiple times a night. It has been a miracle, our life quality changed completely since we all started sleeping better. We are forever grateful!

P father of Pedro

It wasn’t until I had my second baby that I realized that I had a problem with sleep. With Lola’s counseling, and her personalized approach, I was able to fully understand my sons’ sleep needs and rhythms and create a routine that allowed them to get the rest they needed. Today I am in heaven. Both my kids (now 4 and 2 years old) sleep in the same room. They go to sleep by themselves, with just a sweet kiss goodnight. They both sleep 12 hours straight! There is no medicine, no whining, no crying. Just happy, blissful rest.

M mom of two boys (4 and 2 yo)

The sleep plan Lola gave us was amazing. She allowed for specifics that were important to me. She also educated me on sleep safety that I had not been implementing. Lola’s sleep plan also helped me to explain to my husband how teaching a baby to sleep at a young age can affect their sleep skills for the rest of their life. Once he was on board, he helped keep my heart in tact when I wanted to go in their room and console them. Having a partner that helps with the nighttime routine and is also supportive of the sleep training plan was a huge factor in helping our process be successful! At first, I was nervous that the early bedtimes Lola recommended weren’t going to work, but sure enough, each naptime and bedtime she gave me worked. By the second week of sleep training, the babies were getting 12-13 hours of nighttime sleep.

E mom of 6 mo twins

“Lola una genia! A nosotros nos hizo dos planes de sueño, uno para Santi de un año y otro para Juan de dos años y medio. Santi dormía en su cuarto y en su cuna, pero se despertaba varias veces durante la noche. Juan dormía de corrido, pero lo hacía en nuestra cama. A todo eso se sumaba que los dos recién se dormían cerca de las 23 horas, con lo cual nunca teníamos una cena tranquila…la casa era un verdadero caos! Con la ayuda de “Julia Duerme”, Santi logró dormir doce horas de corrido y Juan pasó a dormir en su cuarto! Para ellos significó poder descansar correctamente y estar mucho mejor durante el día. Para nosotros, significó poder tener un poco de tranquilidad, poder cenar tranquilos, para poder hablar sin tener a los chicos llorando y dando vueltas alrededor…en la casa hay armonía por fin!! Destaco la seguridad que me transmitió Lola en todo el proceso, incluso antes de llevarlo a cabo cuando yo no creía que fuese a ser posible...Lola siempre estuvo allí con una palabra de apoyo y de confianza.”

Mom of S and J

“Estamos súper conformes! En mi casa se ha vuelto a descansar! Lola nos ha ayudado por dos semanas, ha estado pendiente en todo momento. Nos ha guiado muy bien, y lo más importante fue que en todos esos días siempre hemos atendido las necesidades de Paz. Mi beba solía despertarse constantemente en las noches, en 6 meses nunca había llegado a dormir un par de horas de corrido. El cambio realmente fue muy grande. Lola nos ha enseñado la importancia de las rutinas y de los horarios en los bebes. Hoy duerme horas y se la nota una beba descansada y feliz, se levanta con una sonrisa enorme! Como diciéndome "mama que bien dormí". Duerme en su cuna, en su cuarto, y el mensaje que captó fue tan claro que cuando le estoy poniendo el pijama ya empieza a cerrar los ojitos!”

M – mom of P 6 months

"Genia Lola, muchísimas gracias por todo!!!Me ayudó muchísimo con el sueño de mis hijos. Hoy duermen bárbaro y estoy feliz !! Ella me ayudó a la distancia pero fue como tenerla al lado mío, siempre atenta a lo que necesitaba, alentadora en los momentos más difíciles del proceso y bien predispuesta todo el tiempo. La recomiendo muchísimo!!!! Vale la pena hacerlo por nuestros hijos y nosotros mismos!!"

L mom of P – 3 yo, and J, 14 months

“I went to Lola when I couldn't take it anymore. My second daughter was almost a year old and I was basically ready to give up on napping in general with her, which would have been the biggest mistake ever. By day 3, my baby could fall asleep on her own! I couldn't believe it, she was dying for sleep and needed it so badly. She is now 16 months and still perfectly sleeping. When I went to my sisters for thanksgiving and Christmas and I got to just put my baby to sleep and come right back to the party, other moms were shocked of how easy it seemed and to this day, Anyone that's around when I put her to sleep are just in owe. Honestly, I can't put into words how much I recommend Lola's services. She changed my whole life for the better and I don't know where I'd be without her. I'm forever grateful.”

M, mom of F – 12 months

“Super agradecida por toda la ayuda que nos brindó Lola! Era muy incrédula de que Emilia iba a poder dormir 11/12 hs seguidas pero con su ayuda, fue posible y, lo más importante, ayudó a que Emilia adquiera hábitos de sueño saludables y nosotros como familia descansar bien después de 9 meses de no saber qué es dormir de corrido. Súper recomiendo a Dolores, súper atenta y contenedora.”

L, mom of E – 9 months

“La verdad que cuando Lola me contó los pasos a seguir al principio no creí que en 14 días se iban a solucionar 15 meses de dormir mal! Pero me equivoqué!!! Con su ayuda Oli aprendió a dormir sola y paso de dormir 8hs por día a casi 15 en total. La felicidad absoluta!! Gracias infinitas”

C, momo of O– 14 months

Simplify your sleep journey with a range of resources and guidance

Like many wellness routines, sleep takes a lot of consistency and practice. But it also takes education. Children change so much those first few weeks and years, and a key part of building healthy sleep habits is understanding their sleep development. But it can be hard to do it all on your own. We’re here to simplify your sleep journey with a range of resources and guidance. Our Sleep library offers sleep schedules and a holistic look at sleep throughout every stage of your child’s development. BLINKS Mag dives deep into the hottest sleep topics, lets you explore our favorite sleep products and shares inspiring sleep stories from real parents.  

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