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BABY SLEEP GUIDES: Everything you need to know

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12-16 hours per day with 3-4 hours of daytime sleep and 10-12 hours at night. Expect 3 naps from 6-9 months and then 2 regular naps by 8-9 months.

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Navigating baby's nighttime routines for restful nights and peaceful days

During this stage your baby will start falling into a nap pattern spread out over morning, early afternoon, and late afternoon, giving you some much-needed stability in your day and night. And now that the baby’s hunger hormones drop at night, you’ll probably see that your baby is ready to drop some night feedings and eat more during the day.  You might be surprised to hear that your baby is still waking up briefly 4-6 times a night (so do you!), but the good news is once your baby establishes healthy sleep habits, you won’t even notice because they’ll be able to get themself back to sleep.

6 – 12 Months Baby Sleep Guide

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Lola Sánchez Liste is the CEO and founder of Rockin’Blinks.

With a certification as a Children Sleep Coach by the Family Sleep Institute, Lola works directly with families to help them evaluate each child’s unique sleep situation, create sleep plans, and support and guide them towards better sleep.
Lola was born in Argentina, also lived in Spain and Honduras and has been based in New York for the past 7 years. She has witness how culture influences sleep habits and understands how each family is made of unique personalities, circumstances and stories.  

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Follow the SAFE SLEEP recommendations of the the American Academy of Pediatrics to protect against SIDS.

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