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Following an age appropiate schedule is one of the key components of good sleep

As baby circadian rhythm matures, they will show the need for sleep during day and night at regular times. When sleep happens respecting these natural rhythms is when it’s most restorative.

While every child is different and have their unique sleep rhythm and needs there are certain moments of the day when they will most likely need to sleep.

Keep a curious approach and observe your baby. Are they ready for sleep?

Select schedule by age

sleep schedules
  • Total hours of sleep:
    12-15 hours – Recommended by the National Sleep Foundation
  • Sleep Snapshot:
    At this age your baby is naturally an early riser. And while putting them to bed later might sound like an easy solution, chances are they’ll still wake up between 6 and 8 and you’ll just have a restless baby on your hands. After a few months of unpredictable sleep by week 16 thanks to their circadian rhythm establishing, you’ll be able to organize their sleep and create a schedule that includes 3 naps for them throughout the day. One to two night feedings may still be needed at this stage, although some babies may drop them as early as two months.
  • Expert tips:
    – Be consistent. Week after week your baby will show more regularity in their nap’s schedule.
    – Stay aware of the “awake window”. Your baby will be ready for their next nap after 2-2.5 hrs of being awake.
    – Don’t be afraid of early bedtimes! If your baby skips the 3rd nap, they might even be ready for bedtime before 6pm for a while.
  • Nap length:
    50-60 minutes for each nap cycle.
  • 4-6 month Old Sample Sleep Schedule:
    6-8am: Wake up
    8:30-10am: Start 1st Nap
    12-2pm: Start 2nd Nap
    3-4pm: Start 3rd Nap
    6-8pm: Bedtime
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Follow the SAFE SLEEP recommendations of the the American Academy of Pediatrics to protect against SIDS.


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