0-3 Months

The Newborn Sleep Guide: Everything you need to know

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0 – 3 Months

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14-17 hours of total sleep, usually happening in 30-minute to 4-hour stretches.

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At this stage in your newborn’s sleep journey you should rest easy knowing there’s no such thing as bad sleep habits.

Simply, because sleep patterns don’t exist yet. One week you have a sleepy baby you’re waking to feed, and the next you’re wondering when nighttime fussiness will end.

Newborns experience both active and quiet sleep stages, so don’t be surprised by grunts, brief cries and other noises during the active stage. Eventually, between 6-8 weeks, your baby will start producing its own melatonin and be able to sleep longer stretches during the night.

Newborn Baby Sleep Guide

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  • There is a lot going on in your baby’s development during the first months of life. Your baby is learning they are safe and will be taken care of as their parents attend to their needs. Each day, they will be able to see and hear more, and start moving their bodies in new ways. Your baby will surprise you with sweet coos around 4 weeks and show you their sweet smile around 6 weeks.
It’s common to notice more fussiness around Week 2, especially in the evening. Don’t worry, easier times are ahead! Crying usually peaks around Week 6.
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Lola Sánchez Liste is the CEO and founder of Rockin’Blinks

With a certification as a Children Sleep Coach by the Family Sleep Institute, Lola works directly with families to help them evaluate each child’s unique sleep situation, create sleep plans, and support and guide them towards better sleep. 

Lola was born in Argentina, also lived in Spain and Honduras and has been based in New York for the past 10 years. She has witnessed how culture influences sleep habits and understands how each family is made of unique personalities, circumstances and stories.


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Follow the SAFE SLEEP recommendations of the the American Academy of Pediatrics to protect against SIDS.

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