Winter Baby Sleeping Bag Pima Cotton

Made from 100% Pima cotton interlock and synthetic filling, this 1.7 Tog Sleep Bag is perfect to keep your baby warm during sleep. It’s incredibly soft. Unzips side to bottom with a zipper for easy diaper changes. Includes under-arm snaps to ensure a perfect fit for your growing baby.


Baby sleeping bag with 1.7 TOG made of interlock Pima cotton (and synthetic filling) to keep your little one warm during sleep.  

Every piece of Rockin’Blinks collection includes specific sleep information for the stage you are buying. We want to help you establish healthy sleep habits by helping you understand sleep at your child’s age. You will LOVE our collection. But children don’t just sleep well by wearing beautiful pajamas. When you buy Rockin’Blinks look for the tag including our top sleep tips. 

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