Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Great Sleep

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We know what you really want for Mother’s Day is probably a day to be completely “off duty” as a parent… but we also know getting that kind of alone is probably next to impossible. So we’re here with the next best thing: our Rockin’ Blinks Mother’s Day gift guide for great sleep.

Our babies aren’t the only ones who benefit from a healthy bedtime routine. These gift ideas are some of our favorite products for perfecting mom’s bedtime routine. Little luxuries that will make bedtime feel extra special, helping mom unwind and get the energy she needs to care for her little ones.

If you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day, go ahead and forward this to everyone you know. Trust us.

CBD Nighttime Tincture // $89

It can be hard to relax your mind after a day in our world. The business of parenting, the realness of the news, plus everything else in our lives kind of works to wind our minds into a tight little ball. One drop of Press Pause’s full-spectrum CBD tincture is the perfect way to unwind the mess and relax into peaceful, sleepy vibes.

Yoga Mat //$95

Relax your body before bedtime with gentle movements and stretches. Research shows a correlation between yoga and better sleep, and this Manduka mat is one of our favorites. Even just a few minutes of happy baby-ing before crawling into bed can make a difference in how much deep sleep you’re able to get.

Restore Sound Machine / Alarm Clock // $129.99

One of our favorite products for the whole family, the Hatch Restore does it all: sound machine, sunrise alarm, smart light, alarm clock, and comes with a meditation app. This piece of bedside technology promises to help you fall asleep faster, get more restorative sleep, and wake up ready for the day (and for your babies).

Lounge Dress // $160

A showstopper of a nightgown! We’re obsessed with the Natori sleep lounger. The silhouette is just sexy enough to make you feel great, but not too sexy to walk for preschool drop-off in the morning. Perfect! This soft brushed rib knit number is the ultimate staple for anyone who takes their bedtime routine seriously.

Retinol Oil // $7.50

If you’re old enough to be reading this gift guide, chances are you’re probably old enough to benefit from some retinol… yes, even you, gift giver! Reduce fine lines and wrinkles with this nearly-prescription strength oil from The Ordinary. We love this brand because they’re dermatologist recommended and did you see the price? *Adds to cart*

Silk Pillowcase // $59

Help mom get the most out of her skincare routine with a pillowcase that won’t strip away moisture. Silk pillowcases keep your hair smooth and healthy, are naturally hypoallergenic and they’re good for temperature regulation!

Good sleep is essential for a happy healthy childhood and life. Book a consultation with us now!

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