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This Father’s Day weekend we’re celebrating the father figures who play big, important roles in our children’s lives. Whether it’s a dad, an uncle, a grandpa, or a friend, we’re thankful for their support and presence – especially at bedtime *wink wink*.


From cool sleep tech to an old-fashioned mattress upgrade, there are so many ways we can celebrate our partners through sleep and encourage their participation in your kiddo’s bedtime routine.


We know, we know – Father’s Day is about celebrating dad, but Rockin’ Blinks is a sleep consultancy after all. We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk a little about how important it is for dad to be involved in their child’s sleep routine.


Time and time again, research shows the huge benefits of a father’s involvement in early childhood, especially at sleep time. Involving dad in your baby’s sleep routine is a great way to strengthen his bond with the children and with you as their partner.


Here are our top picks for sleepy-time Father’s Day gifts:


Evening Ritual Starter Kit // $40

Dad's Gift

Your baby has a bedtime routine, but does your partner? We love this evening ritual starter kit by MUD/WTR; it’s a caffeine-free tea blend that tastes like if rooibos chai and cinnamon had a baby.


Pillow Mist // $9.99

Dad's Gifts Idea

A light, lavender mist that aids in a restful and relaxing sleep. This is a fun way to get your older kids involved in the bedtime routine, by letting them pump a spray or two onto their pillow before bedtime.


Cold Sleep Socks // $19.95

Father's Day Gifts Ideas

Strangely soft and not too cold, these cold therapy socks seem kind of silly but actually do some big work aches and pains, while reducing inflammation and swelling.


Therapy Lamp // $63.90

THerapy Lamp

If your partner struggles with insomnia or jetlag due to frequent flying, try adding this therapy lamp to help improve insomnia, jet lag, and seasonal blues!

Satvaa Mattress // $1,496


Upgrade Dad’s sleep game with one of our favorite mattresses on the market right now, the Satvaa. We love these plush, breathable mattresses for their enhanced back support, coils that cradle your body, and cooler sleeping thanks to breathable fabric.


Morphée – Sleep Aid Device – Meditation Box // 99.99

A simple meditation box containing 210 combinations to help you fall asleep quickly and sleep deeply without the need to depend on screens.


Manta Sleep Mask // $35


The self-proclaimed “World’s Comfiest Blackout Mask”. We like it because it puts zero pressure on your eyes, is completely adjustable, and won’t crush your eyelashes.


Dreampad Smart Pillow // $149

This pillow might kind of be a miracle. The Dreampad smart pillow is controlled by an app on your phone and plays music or sleep sounds through gentle vibrations that only the user can hear – so it won’t disturb you or your sleeping babies.



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