Breastfeeding and Sleep Training. Can it be done?

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Night Time Feedings, Milk Supply And Sleep Training

Everything you need to know about the transition to stop feeding during the night

Now, you all know how much I love to talk about sleep! So, when Pediatrician Dr. Mona asked me to come on her podcast to discuss night feedings and sleep training I immediately said yes! This particular topic is one that many of my clients struggle with. For the first few months waking up to feed your baby is part of the job. But at a certain point…. we all need sleep!

On this episode of the PedsDocTalk Podcast, we dig into how sleep develops over time for babies and when it makes sense to drop the feedings. Of course, it’s a personal choice for each parent, and should always come with a conversation with your pediatrician, so there is no single “right” time to stop feeding at night, but I hope this conversation with Dr. Mona will help you through that transition when the time comes.

To listen to the full episode, visit Dr. Mona\’s Podcast \”PedTalk Podcast\”, here.


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