Footed Pajama Pima Cotton

Baby Footed Pajama, a must-have sleepwear item for your little one! Made from luxurious Pima cotton, known for its incredible softness, comfort, and durability. The footed design ensures that your baby’s feet stay warm and cozy throughout the night. Our pajama features a non-slip sole so your little explorer can move around with confidence, without the worry of slipping or sliding. Snug fit. We recommend sizing up if you find yourself in between sizes, or if your baby is on a high percentile for weigh and heights.


Introducing our amazing line of super soft pajamas designed to give your baby the coziest sleep ever! Our pajamas are crafted with love using 100% Pima cotton sourced from the beautiful valleys of Peru. We believe in providing the best for your little ones, and that’s why we’ve chosen Pima cotton, known for its exceptional softness and durability. Our zipper footed pajamas are not just adorable but also functional. The non-slip sole adds an extra layer of safety, making sure your little explorer can move around comfortably without any slips or slides. The secret to the luxurious feel of our pajamas lies in the long cotton fibers used to create them. These fibers create a durable fabric that feels unbelievably soft to the touch, providing ultimate comfort for your children’s sensitive skin. Inspired by our founder’s native country, Argentina, and it’s captivating landscapes of the littoral and Andes regions, the unique patterns in our first collection reflect the rich cultural heritage of Rockin’Blinks. Each pajama tells a story, connecting your child to the roots of our brand. Please note that garments made of 100% cotton will naturally shrink when washed. Our premium quality Peruvian Pima cotton will experience some shrinkage, mainly in length, upon the first wash. To preserve the vibrant colors and softness, we recommend machine washing with like colors in cold water on a delicate cycle, using a mild soap. Avoid chlorine bleach at all costs, as it can harm the fabric. For best results, lay flat to dry. If you prefer to use a dryer, tumble dry on low heat. We want you and your little one to enjoy our pajamas for a long time, and by following these care instructions, you can maintain their quality and ensure their longevity. So go ahead, let your baby snuggle up in our super soft Pima cotton pajamas and experience the ultimate comfort and cuteness!

Every piece of Rockin’Blinks collection includes specific sleep information for the stage you are buying. We want to help you establish healthy sleep habits by helping you understand sleep at your child’s age. You will LOVE our collection. But children don’t just sleep well by wearing beautiful pajamas. When you buy Rockin’Blinks look for the tag including our top sleep tips. 

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