26 Best Toddler Room Products


At Rockin’Blinks, our goal is a healthy night of sleep for everyone in your home and that starts with your toddler. Because we know that if your toddler isn’t sleeping, nobody is sleeping! Find out in this article the best baby room products for getting better sleep


While healthy sleep habits are the foundation to sleep at this age, there are also tools that can help. In fact, there’s a whole market of toddler sleep products that seems to be growing every day — talk about information overload! 


Don’t worry! We’re here to do the research for you.


We’ve rounded up the best toddler sleep products, with options for every budget, so you can bring restful sleep to your home.


Toddler room products:


  • Okay to Wake clock

Why you’ll want it: Okay to Wake clocks help toddlers understand time and create boundaries around sleep — both their own and that of their parents. They’re also useful for early bedtimes and crib-to-bed transitions.


Our picks:

Budget: Mirari Ok To Wake And Alarm Clock  // $32.99

baby room products: Okay to Wake clock




Investment: Little Hippo Ready To Rise // $49.99

Okay to Wake clock Investment



  • Bedtime Book

Why you’ll want it: Incorporating a book into your toddler’s bedtime routine is the perfect way to signal that it’s time to wind down and ease into sleep mode. We love Putting Bungee to Bed because it addresses the importance of bedtime routines and respecting other people’s sleep. Goodnight Moon is another favorite that lets your toddler see that everyone goes to bed…and so should they!


Our picks:

Budget: The Going to Bed Book //  $3.97



Investment: Putting Bungee to Bed // $16.93

baby room products: Bedtime Book Investment



  • Weighted Blanket

Why you’ll want it: Sooth your toddler’s sleep anxiety and restlessness with a weighted blanket. The deep pressure stimulation feels like a hug that lasts all night. Note that weighted blankets are not recommended for children under 2 or children with physical disabilities. You should always check the weight recommendation for your child’s size.

Our picks:

Budget: Joyching Weighted Blanket  // $19.99


baby room products: Weighted Blanket Budget



Investment: Aden + Anais Embrace On-The-Go Weighted Blanket for Kids // $59.95


baby room products: Weighted Blanket Investment


  • Toddler Pillow

Why you’ll want it: Helping your toddler get as comfy in their sleep space as possible will go a long way in helping them get better sleep. Once it’s safe to do so, we recommend introducing a pillow and/or blanket to their crib.


Our picks:

Budget: White Toddler Pillow // $19.96

baby room products: Toddler Pillow Budget



Investment: Coop Hypoallergenic Toddler Pillow // $24.99

baby room products: Toddler Pillow Investment




  • Night Light

Why you’ll want it: A little light goes a long way in helping your toddler brave their room alone at night. Choose a light that will stay on throughout the night so if they wake, their sleep environment will remain consistent, which will help them fall back asleep — without your help!

Our picks:

Budget: Touch Control Night Light for Kids // $19.99

baby room products: Night Light Budget



Investment: Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine // $59.99

baby room products: Night Light Investment



  • Convertible Crib

Why you’ll want it: A convertible crib will get you way more bang for your buck by transforming into a toddler bed when your child is ready. Most convertible cribs can last until your child is at least four years old, depending on their size.

Our picks:

Budget: Delta Children’s 4-in-1 Crib // $135.00

baby room products: Convertible Crib Budget



Investment: Ouef Sparrow Crib // $860

baby room products: Convertible Crib Investment




  • Toddler Bed

Why you’ll want it: While we recommend waiting until around 3 years of age to transition your toddler from crib to bed, some toddlers are ready to transition a little earlier. Before you take the plunge and move them into a twin bed, try a toddler crib which is lower to the ground, and will make the inevitable falling out of bed a little less traumatic.

Our picks:

Budget: Dream On Me Toddler Bed // $87.97

baby room products: toddler bed Budget


Investment: Oeuf Toddler Bed // $470.00

toddler bed



  • Bed Rail

Why you’ll want it: Moving from a crib to a bed is a major transition, especially for a toddler who moves around in their sleep. A bed rail or foam bumper will help keep your little one in from tumbling off the side of the bed, and make them feel more secure in a space that mimics their old crib. 

Our picks:

Budget: Dream On Me Bed Rail // $21.49


Bed Rail Budget



Investment: ComfyBumpy Bed Rail // $69.99



Bed Rail Investment



  • Mattress Protector

Why you’ll want it: If your little one does leak through their diaper or is just a heavy sweater during sleep, a mattress protector is key to keeping your mattress clean and dry. Some versions can even help your toddler regulate body temperature.

Our picks:

Budget: Bamboo Rayon Crib Mattress Protector // $19.95


Mattress Protector



Investment: 100% Wool Crib Mattress Protector  // $121.50


Mattress Protector for toddlers



  • Security Gate

Why you’ll want it: Keeping a baby gate on the door to your baby’s room is a great move, especially if your little one can get out of their bed or crib on their own. A security gate means they won’t sleepily stagger around the house if they wake up overnight.

Our picks:

Budget: Safety First Tension Gate // $30.99


Security Gate for babies



Investment: Munchkin Baby Gate // $179.99


Security Gate for baby rooms


  • Water Bottle

Why you’ll want it: We wake up thirsty overnight and in the morning, so it makes sense that our little ones might, too. We recommend keeping a water bottle near their bed so they can exercise a little independence by getting a drink on their own.

Our picks:

Budget: Munchkin Bottle 2-Pack // $11.99


Water Bottle




Investment: Takeya Kids Insulated Water Bottle // $24.76


Water Bottle for babies



  • Lovey or Stuffy

Why you’ll want it: A lovey or stuffy is a great way for a toddler to have a “friend” come to bed with them, and help them feel more secure when you leave the room. They can also practice acting out their own bedtime routine with their lovey, giving them an opportunity to put someone else to sleep!
Our picks:

Budget: Knit Koala // $11.99


Lovey or Stuffy



Investment: Jellycat Bunny // $22.50


Lovey or Stuffy for babies room



  • Overnight Diapers

Why you’ll want it: There’s nothing worse than your toddler waking from a perfect sleep because their diaper is full. Even if your toddler is potty-trained,  overnight diapers can often allow everyone in your house to get a little more sleep at night.

Our picks:

Budget: Luvs Extra Leakguard // 124 diapers for $29.74


Overnight Diapers



Investment: Honest Overnight Diapers // 60 diapers for $24.99


Overnight Diapers Investment



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