About Us: Sleep made easy.

Our Mission

At Rockin’ Blinks we are committed to helping you raise happy, healthy kids by providing you with easy access to essential sleep information for every stage, from newborn through the teen years.

We believe healthy sleep is  attainable for every family and we’re here to offer support and sleep services to help your family establish healthy sleep habits.

Our Philosophy

We believe it’s time for all of us to Rethink Sleep and that starts by educating families. With so much conflicting information about sleep out there, it can be confusing to know what’s actually right for your family. We’re here to help you understand how sleep works, why it’s important for everyone in your family and how to build a healthy sleep foundation and create better sleep habits no matter where you are in your family’s sleep journey. 

Sleep Education

Like many wellness routines, sleep takes a lot of consistency and practice. But it also takes education. Children change so much those first few weeks and years, and a key part of building healthy sleep habits is understanding their sleep development. But it can be hard to do it all on your own.

We’re here to simplify your sleep journey with a range of resources and guidance. Our Sleep library offers sleep schedules and a holistic look at sleep throughout every stage of your child’s development.

BLINKS Mag dives deep into the hottest sleep topics, lets you explore our favorite sleep products and shares inspiring sleep stories from real parents.

And for those looking for something more personalized, our sleep services and group sessions can provide a more individualized plan for your family. 

The Founder

Lola Sanchez ListeBest Sleep consultant 2021

Lola Sanchez Liste

Mother of two, is an experimented child sleep coach. She is certified as an infant sleep coach by the Family Sleep Institute of USA.

Family Sleep Institute

Borned in Argentina, she also lived in Spain and Honduras and has lived in New York since 2015. Lola has founded Rockin’BLINKS y JuliaDuerme, from where she works directly with families, assessing each child’s unique sleep situation, create sleep plans, and support and guide them towards better sleep.

International Association of Child Sleep ConsultantsShe has a Technical Degree in Human Resources from UCES in Argentina and a Postgraduate Degree in Cooperation, International Development and Poverty Reduction from UCM in Spain. Also, She is a member of the Family Sleep Institute and the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants. 

Lola worked in International Development, researching and managing projects in the field of Poverty Reduction, Natural Disasters and Education. Her previous assignments have taken her around the world based in Argentina, Spain and Honduras with missions to Georgia (Caucasus), Myanmar (Asia) and Mexico.

Rockin’BLINKS was born to simplify the sleep and make it more accessible for all.

Read more about Lola’s story, here.


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